Walking Dud invades Florida!

We are always looking to add new retail partners to expose our world to. So if you are in Florida starting late next week you will be able to find a varied selection of Walking Duds at ACME Superstore, along with our partners/friends THEGODBEAST Kabuto Mushi and Mystical Warriors of the Ring/MWOTR.


E-Mail: info@acme-superstore.com
Phone Number:
+1 (407) 331-0433
Address: 905 E State Road 434, Longwood, FL 32750

Many thanks to Enzo and Marty for setting all this up!!

New in the store: Walking Dud Monster Masks!!

Hand sculpted by Marty “THEGODBEAST” Hansen, these retro vintage monster masks are designed to be used with the Walking Dud PVC Action Figure.

Head to the True Cast Studio Store (click the shopping cart to the right) and get yours today, various assortments, combo sets and DIY packs are available.

The Walking Dud invades Designercon and gets new masks!

We are back from a successful showing at Designercon in Pasadena! Many thanks to Ayleen, Ben, and Matt Doughty for showing us an incredible time!!

New Walking Dud accessories in Urethane coming soon, Marty “THEGODBEAST” Hansen is hard at work sculpting a series of “Collegeville” style masks , seen here are the Devil/Satan and Frankenstein mask sculpts , with the Wolfman coming soon!

Walking Dud PVC releases tonight!! 8pm CST

Tonight, August 31st @ 8pm CST our studio store will have a limited amount of Pheyden Blue Duds for $8 ea. Ultra Rotten fully painted Duds in baggie for $15 ea., & Ultra Rotten DX fully painted Duds in clamshell bubbles w/ header cards for $20 ea.

There will be NO LIMIT. Just click on the red shoping cart button to the right tonight at 8pm CST



Walking-Dud Walking-Dud.png_01 Walking-Dud-Light-Blue-ALT

As of right now there are only TWO Limited Edition Factory Test Shots remaining!! Once these are gone they are gone for good!


And if you have not already done so, check out the awesome review by George and Ayleen Gaspar on Toy Break!

Walking Dud PVC Test Shots from China!

Test shots of The Walking Dud are here from the Glyos factory in China. They are Glyos compatible, and these test shots will be available at C2E2 Nerd City Booth #750 next weekend!

MWOTR Generations Lions revealed!

For the past few months we have been working extremely hard on producing a series of 5″ scale Lion figures in partnership with Fantastic Plastic Toys.

Originally sculpted by Simon Grell for MWOTR, the sculpt was digitally printed at 2x the size of the original minifgure. This Lion had an extreme cleanup and polish job by Marty “THEGODBEAST” Hansen, and then was tooled and cast by True Cast own Joshua Edwards.

We can now reveal these Lions to you, available in two versions: an amazing color separated version for $100 and a single solid color version for $50. Some of these Lions are available right now in our True Cast Studio Store, and they will be a featured item at our C2E2 appearance in a few weeks!

These Lions are part of a special project for Mystical Warriors of the Ring called “Generations”, for more info on the project and story behind it visit their website

KC Planet Comicon coverage by It’s All True!

We had an amazing time this weekend at KC Planet Comicon , huge thanks to everyone who came to the booth to visit and supported us and our partners!!

Thanks to Christopher Jackson and his Planet Comicon staff who were wonderful to work with, congrats on a successful Con!

Daniel Lynch from It’s All True.net stopped by to chat and took some pics of the booth so click on the pic and check out their recap!


And special thanks for Marty “THEGODBEAST” Hansen, our Business Partner Mark Vasquez (creator of Mystical Warriors of the RIng) and his wife Jill, and Kaleb Swenson for running the booth all weekend long.

We take our brands to C2E2 in Chicago next month!!